Alaska Christian College is affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church and is part of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Alaska.  ACC’s mission is to provide a Christ-centered and general studies education to primarily Alaska Native youth in a culturally relevant community.  ACC is a non-profit organization and is located on the outskirts of Soldotna on the Kenai Peninsula.  Candidates for all positions must be eligible to work in the United States. All positions are open until filled.  Complete job descriptions can be obtained from ACC.

Download our Employment Application Form to Apply. For questions, contact the Human Resource office at: or call: 907-260-7422 ext. 4043.



Part-time, Regular, Hourly, Non-Exempt

Provide individual and small group tutoring to students in the Academic Success Center. Assist students in improving academic achievement by meeting with them on a regular basis to clarify learning problems and work on study skills. Other assistance might include reviewing class material, discussing the text, predicting test questions, formulating ideas for papers, or working on solutions to problems. Tutoring is a supplement to teaching. Tutors are not expected to know everything about the subject for which they tutor.

  1. Provide both scheduled and walk-up tutorial services.
  2. Oversee and create/provide materials for learning communities and/or reading circles as needed.
  3. Keep accurate records of tutorial sessions, reading circles, and learning communities.
  4. Maintain integrity in student work and tutorial session.
  5. Provide feedback on Student Success Center usage to Student Success Center Manager.
  6. Attend tutor training as provided through the Academic area.
  7. With permission of the student, notify Student Success Center Manager and/or the Vice President for Academic Affairs when student concerns in subjects may necessitate a status change for the course.
  8. Works with other tutoring staff and ACC volunteers to coordinate services for students.
  9. Create/maintain motivating environment for learning.
  10. Create activities for mid-term and finals weeks.
  11. Serve as a mentor to one or more students (optional)
  12. At the Student Success Center Manager’s discretion may serve as an ALP advisor to one or more student.
  13. Other duties as assigned.

  1. Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.
  2. Demonstrate academic excellence.
  3. Understand tutoring practice.
  4. Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills.
  5. Must understand and maintain confidentiality of all information seen or heard.
  6. Must be able to work independently and show good judgment.
  7. Needs to be organized and show good time management skills.
  8. Must have a working knowledge of Windows Office and have good data entry skills.
  9. Must be reliable and dependable with regular, timely attendance.

Qualified candidates should send the following to April Weber via email (
1. Letter of Intent
2. Resume
3. Application

Adjunct Faculty – Writing

Part-time, Temporary, Non-Exempt

To provide instruction in specific educational content to students at Alaska Christian College. Seeking position for the following courses: Academic Writing About Literature, Creative Writing, Research Writing
1.Teach class assignments following ACC procedures on syllabi and assessment.
2. Adhere to policies and procedures outlined in the Faculty Handbook.
3. Evaluate and grade students’ class work, assignments, and papers.
4. Maintain and report grades and embedded assignments in a timely manner.
5. Compile, administer, and grade examinations, or assign this work to others.
6. Initiate, facilitate, and moderate classroom discussions.
7. Prepare course materials such as syllabi, homework assignments, and handouts in accordance with Course Content Guides and the Academic Catalog.
8. Plan, evaluate, and revise curricula, course content, course materials, and methods of instruction.
9. Provide instructional and assessment accommodations to those students with documented physical and learning disabilities.
1. Must have a Masters degree in their field.
2. Must have good communication skills, both verbally and written.
3. Must have the ability to understand the implications of new information on current and future problem-solving and decision-making.
4. Must be able to select and use training/instructional methods and procedures appropriate for the situation when learning or teaching new things.
5. Must be able to identify the educational needs of their students and develop formal educational or training programs to meet those needs.
6. Must understand and maintain confidentiality of all information seen or heard.
7. Must be detail oriented, with a high degree of accuracy and skill in all work performed.
8. Must function well in a cross-cultural environment, have a teachable attitude, be willing to be a team player.
9. Must be able to work independently and show good judgment.
10. Must be organized, efficient, and show good time management skills.

Must be reliable and dependable with regular, timely attendance.

Qualified candidates should send the following to April Weber via email (
1. Letter of Intent
2. Resume
3. Application


Night Desk Clerk

Part-time, Regular, Non-Exempt

Staff the main front desk area of the residence hall. Facilitate the promotion of a safe, positive living and learning environment for the students who live on campus.
Night Desk Clerks primarily cover the residence hall front desk from 10:30 p.m. Sun-Thurs and 11:30 p.m. Fri-Sat nights until 6:00 a.m. the following morning. The residence hall does not close for meals or other breaks. Business continues as normal as long as students are in residence. Night Desk Clerks keep their normal duty schedule during their meals and breaks.
1. Be alert and awake during each shift
2. Complete nightly rounds of campus, on assigned schedule
3. Serve as a resource to students, staff, and others who may need assistance, including, but not limited to, assisting those who are locked out of their rooms.
4. Maintain a neat and professional atmosphere in the residence hall lobby area.
5. Enforce all college and student housing policies and procedures.
6. Provide outstanding customer service, and act in a manner that reflects well on the Student Services department
7. Act as a liaison between students and the Student Services Department
8. Be thoroughly familiar with all college and student handbook policies and to be responsible for enforcement.
9. Assist maintenance department by reporting needed repairs or other concerns.
10. Regard any personal information about students, and possibly other staff, as confidential to protect the rights of the students and staff.
11. Monitor security cameras regularly throughout shift, to ensure the safety of the campus.
12. Thoroughly document and report any unusual activity, and all policy violations.
13. Prepare and submit regular Night Desk Clerk reports.
14. Report all situations that may jeopardize the safety of the residence hall, students, staff, or visitors to the appropriate personnel in a timely manner.
15. Contact the appropriate personnel in case of a crisis or emergency.
16. Convey accurate information to individuals requesting assistance over the telephone or in person.
17. Make sure scheduled shift is covered if unable to work it.
18. Monitor all individuals entering a residence hall to ensure that only residents and their registered guests are permitted in the building.
19. Respond appropriately to needs and concerns of students, staff, and visitors.
20. Attend meetings or training as scheduled by the Director of Student Services.
21. Carry out other duties as assigned.

1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
2. Knowledge and experience in handling crisis situations.
3. Experience serving and/or mentoring young adults.
4. Ability to maintain confidentiality and manage confidential information appropriately.
5. Exceptional customer service skills.
6. Experience working cross-culturally preferred.
7. Ability to keep a positive attitude with students and/or staff, despite circumstances.
8. Ability to schedule working hours daily between 10:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m.
9. Knowledge of the college campus environment
10. Awareness of residence hall policies and procedures
11. Reliable and dependable, with regular, timely attendance.
12. Ability to work independently and show good judgment.
13. Organized, efficient, and good time management skills.

Qualified candidates should send the following to April Weber via email (
1. Letter of Intent
2. Resume
3. Application