Transfer students are classified depending on the program into which they are enrolling: Associate in Arts or Certificate of Biblical Studies. Students may transfer a maximum of 15 credits into the Associate degrees and a total of 6 credits into the Certificate of Biblical Studies.

General policies for the transfer of credit are as follows:

1. Credits earned at other institutions with a grade of “C” or better may be transferred to ACC and applied toward graduation, provided those credits meet the program requirements. Pass/Fail courses do not transfer. The institution needs to be recognized by an accrediting agency or acknowledged by ACC.

2. The Chief Academic Officer determines the applicability and credit awarded by reviewing coursework transferred from other institutions. Students may be asked to validate equivalent courses taken at non-accredited schools. After equivalency has been approved, the credits will be pending official approval until the student achieves a minimum GPA of 2.0. This must be done during the student’s first year at ACC or the transfer credits will be lost.

3. Transfer students do not transfer in GPA. Their cumulative GPA consists of classes taken only at ACC.

4. Credits earned from ACC and transferred from other institutions will be counted toward the minimum credits earned per year requirement.  The Chief Academic Officer will determine the number of semesters this equals and note it on the student progress sheet.