For more information see student life staff or download the ACC Student Handbook Spring 2018. The following is a smattering of student life at ACC:

Student Appointed Leadership Team (SALT)

The purpose of the Student Appointed Leadership Team is to enhance the student’s experience at ACC by caring for and serving the community in whatever way seems wise. The budget of the Student Appointed Leadership Team is provided through the overall ACC budget. Additional funds may be raised by student projects and various fundraisers.
The SALT is responsible for planning student activities, handling grievances, and leading the overall student body. These people must be concerned about student’s individual needs as well as the needs of the entire student body. They will fill a unique role in being ambassadors between the student body and the staff.


The men’s team will be starting up in mid-November.

The women’s team will start their season in January

Eskimo Dance Team

The dance team meets and practices for different performances around the community.

Outdoor Activities

When the weather is warmer, there is abundant hiking, fishing, canoeing, and other outdoor activities right in your own backyard. In the winter months, the ice rink on campus takes form for skating, hockey, and broomball as well as tracks made on the ski and snowshoe trails as well. There are frequent trips to the recreation center for basketball and volleyball. Movie nights and crazy games on campus happen almost every weekend.